When you feel the symptoms of an anxiety attack coming on there is a simple little trick to cause it to calm itself. 

3 Step Anxiety Trick

Doing these 3 simple steps can quickly change the way you experience an anxiety/panic attack. And it can be done in only a few of minutes, so give this a try.

Step 1. Notice
Anytime that you are feeling anxious or experiencing anxiety symptoms, say to yourself "I notice that I am experiencing these symptoms", instead of saying "I feel these symptoms". Now even though this is only a small change in the wording, the effect that it has can be significant. By making this change you become more of an observer (being detached from the situation) rather the victim who is trapped in the situation. This gives you some room to work.

Step 2. Allow 
The next step is to allow the panic and anxiety to manifest itself however it chooses. It is important that you don't try to fight back. Just let do what it wants to do regardless of how long it goes on. You must let the waves of the panic attack attack grow and subside. The whole time keep reassuring yourself that as unpleasant as these sensations are they will not harm you. When you do this, the anxiety waves will subside quickly since you are doing absolutely nothing to make them stay, as opposed to forcing them away. 

Step 3. Gratitude 
The final step is to get yourself back to a more positive feeling. This is done by using gratitude. Try to imagine something in your life that you are grateful for. It doesn't matter if it is something great or simple. Just keep telling yourself (over and over) that you are grateful for this. You see, gratitude is something that has the power to change your state of mind. It will allow you to shift from the state of anxiety and panic to a considerably calmer one.

Stop Panic Attacks For Good
These simple steps can be of help to stop a panic attack, however to be free from panic attacks forever you have to cure the root of the problem.  Click Here to check out the Panic Away web site.  Their method does this quickly. It's time to make a decision. I wish you all the best of luck.

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